Looking for some help?

With Fund St. Louis, we do everything we can to help you get up and finally put that idea out there and see if it will take off!  We  do this by creating a place online for you to get your ideas known in a place where the right people can find it.  We then provide an easy tool for everyone to comment on your idea and back it with real money from their Fund St. Louis account.  And not just banks.  Everyone.  It could be your Mom, your neighbor, or someone in St. Louis that loves your idea and wants to see you bring it to life.  The community crowdfunding allows small amounts of money from a large number of people to make a real impact on your idea and the economy of St. Louis.

But that’s not all!

We also know that there are many other hurdles facing a new entrepreneur.  And that’s where our volunteers and our expert staff can help.  We have access to many of the experts you need to get everything together.  And our partnership with Go! Network in St. Louis brings another great resource to the emerging business.  GO! Network is a community, delivering hope and encouragement to the growing population of business professionals who have lost their jobs – providing personal and professional growth through life, education and career opportunities.  Through their entrepreneurial track, we have access to a phenomenally talented group of professionals transitioning to small business and business owner paths.  We believe this gives our opportunity owners a great resource when looking for counseling and mentoring to get their new opportunity up and running successfully!

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