Opportunity Description:

St. Louis Harmony Chorus has 50 years of history in St. Louis.  We are a nonprofit educational organization for women who like to sing and perform barbershop harmony, vocal jazz, and Broadway Showtunes.  Our annual concert provides the funds to survive for a year of rehearsal space, artistic director stipend, musical arrangements and vocal coaching.  For $5,000 we could offset all concert expenses and 100% of the ticket sales would go to ensure a year of vocal production work, part specific training, choreography and vocal health.

Our Success Factors:

We have 85 singers and a huge following.  We need to provide our fanbase with a concert in order to keep our historical artform thriving and growing. We are the current regional championship chorus in Sweet Adelines, and we need funding to represent St. Louis at the world championships in Denver in 2012.  We know this concert will be a success.

How We Plan To Give Back to the Community:

We perform at the St. Louis Art Fair, the Sheldon Concert Hall, and many private engagements throughout the year.  We are open to all women of all ages who like to sing and perform.

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