Opportunity Description:

Cards2Lists is a business cards scanning and conversion service that helps business take those bundles of business cards next to their phone and get them into their selling system. The funds needed will be used to build out the platform that manages all aspects of operations that include integrating the shopping carts with the CRM tool, accounting, project management and reporting tools needed to run the company.

Our Success Factors:

This is a much needed service that is getting tremendous market reaction in the first few months of operations. I have a well detailed program and extensive marketing plans. The business is low overhead with high margin prepaid sales. I have the appropriate background and connections to launch this properly.

How We Plan To Give Back to the Community:

First, I can create jobs locally. Second, there is a built in fundraising component that can return value to the community. More importantly, our service helps businesses create more sales through building their marketing lists from the cards and contacts they have – even the concept of what we do inspires owners.  My service can also help any local organization trying to build their list as well.  I also currently serve as the Business Chair for the St. Louis Jewish Light Board and am active in the community. If this business is successful, I will finally have the resources to give more financially.

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