Opportunity Description:

According to the Department of Commerce, over three-hundred and fifty-nine billion dollars a year is lost due to workplace conflict in one form or another. This staggering statistic points to a rising trend in organizations and educational sectors which cites the daily challenges of controlling emotions in the workplace. Turning a blind eye to co-worker intolerance levels for petty day-to-day interactions has done nothing more than leave employees exasperated and bottom lines bankrupt. How many jobs would be created or saved if there was no internal organizational conflict?

Zero Conflict™ is proud to announce the launch of a new and groundbreaking training program to support organizations and schools in eradicating the number one killer of creativity and innovation-conflict! Conflict disrupts every aspect of an employee’s day and sends employees to physician offices for stress-related illnesses at alarming rates. According the Center for Disease Control, over seventy-five percent of all physician office visits are stress-related. In other words, we are literally making each other sick. The poor outcomes have resulted in increased health insurance premiums, claims and reduced benefits. A vicious cycle that is broken with effective Zero Conflict™ training seminars.

Our Success Factors:

Zero Conflict LLC is ahead of the curve in establishing policy for organizations faced with staggering negative results from ongoing conflict in the workplace. No other company has taken this radical approach to identifying the trigger which has enabled conflict to fester within organizations; no policy exists that gives a clearly defined expectation regarding conflict. Most companies avoid any involvement when trying to solve conflict. Human Resource departments push co-worker conflict back to the offenders and require them to solve the issue. These types of co-workers rarely have the skill sets necessary to navigate new ways in the decision making process. They instead subject the process to personalization and elementary behaviors.

How We Plan To Give Back to the Community:

We look to create jobs as a new business, but also look to retain and build innovation at existing businesses, and even reduce health insurance premiums and make life generally less stressful for everyone in the community. We also look to give back to other entrepreneurs in the Fund St. Louis network once we are fully funded and working in our new venture.

For More Information:

For additional information on this innovative approach to conflict: www.zeroconflictway.com

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