“Keeping your pet happy and healthy”


Opportunity Description:

Boxador Bites is a new St. Louis company owned by Lee Williams that features a line of All Natural pet treats consisting of Sweet Potato Chews, Apple Chips, Banana Chips and Tail-Mix (a blend of all three).

Our company was formed out of necessity as our Boxador Lenny has a ton of allergies and we just couldn’t find anything healthy and all natural to give him. All our products are dehydrated or freeze dried and contains no preservatives or by-products.  Our company is dedicated to bringing healthy all natural treats to pets that have allergies, special diets or just want to live a healthier and happier life! We have had so many people tell us their stories about their dogs allergies or special needs and how happy they were to see a product like our out there and from a small family company, that alone is why we love doing this!

Why we need funding:

We need funding to help us move into distribution.  In doing so we need to change our labels a bit to make it more appealing to retailers.  We would also like to do more advertising and trade shows.

Success Factors:

Americans are trying to be healthier, billions of dollars every year are spent on health food products and devices and pills that claim to trim and tone.  At the same time, America’s pet population is booming. Sales of dog food have doubled since 2000, mainly due to the healthy dog food market.

Eighty-three percent of dog owners call themselves mom or dad to their dog.  This fact alone signals that dog owners see the need that their dogs have for care and personal attention.  Dogs have become humanized and their owners often want to offer them the same health benefits, treats, and diets that they are eating.

Additionally, allergies to corn and common proteins, gluten intolerance, vegetarian and raw diets, and a desire to feed healthful food all contribute to a need for a product like Boxador Bites.  Boxador Bites treats offer people a chance to take care of their dogs in the same way they want to care for themselves.

The pet industry in the United States grew nine percent to $52 billion in 2009, despite the recession. Market researcher Packaged Facts states that the market will grow another five percent in 2010 and projects the market to rise to $72 billion by 2014. Leading the pet market is the niche natural pet foods market.  According to the Trend Report in the April 2011 edition of Pet Business magazine, this is due to the humanization of pets by their owners.  Boxador Bites is the perfect product for these pet owners.

Specifically, Boxador Bites appeals to a middle to high-income family with one or more dogs. Most customers will be health conscience or have a dog with a specific health issue that can be aided by feeding the dog Boxador Bites products instead of traditional pet treats.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

We also believe in giving back to local and national rescues by donating treats and our time. We also assist in dog rescue transports across Missouri and Illinois. Some of our rescues we have donated to are: Phoenix Pack (formerly mutts-N-stuff), Gateway Pet Guardians, All Paws, Mostly Mutts, Bi-State Pet Food Pantry and The Pet Doctor to the Rescue.

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