Opportunity Description:

eDeli is a web site that accepts your recipes, sends the ingredient lists and food preparation instructions to a grocery store, and allows you to pick up your groceries already boxed, prepped for cooking, and easily stored in your refrigerator.

eDeli’s website provides a service making it easier to provide healthy, quick, home made meals to families. By removing hours of shopping at the grocery store, tedious preparation and significantly reducing clean-up, families can now fit cooking at home back into their busy schedules. Unfortunately, it has been the hectic lifestyles and dual careers of families that has prevented families from significantly increasing their time spent eating at home. Having prepared groceries that allows for simple meal creation solves the time aspect.

In addition eDeli also provides a convenient location to pair recipes, coupons, and manufacturer discounts with consumers’ actual shopping and weekly meal considerations.

Our Success Factors:

Several factors have recently converged that makes this not only a feasible solution to the problem, but a long-awaited and asked for way of changing lifestyles. The market has begun to show the early signs: deli counters at grocery stores are expanding to provide more pre-prepared foods, national manufacturers such as Del Monte are marketing cut vegetables and fruits in small quantities for fajitas and stir-fry, as well as prepped fruit for fruit salads and garnishes, natural alternative grocery stores such as Whole Foods are taking root in many communities, and competitors such as Dream Dinners are experiencing tremendous growth. The increased awareness of nutrition, decreased time, and continuous need for convenience will continue to make eDeli’s venture a successful one.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

It is our goal to bring the family together around the dinner table, to provide the ability to fit nutrition into our hectic, daily schedules, and to provide the resources to make healthy choices when it comes to special diets, FDA recommendations, or just sprucing up old family recipes.

In addition, we believe in the St. Louis community, and we believe this solution provides jobs not only with eDeli, but with the grocery stores we are affiliated with. It is in our mission to donate a portion of our proceeds to local St. Louis communities and we look forward to funding other entrepreneurs through Fund St. Louis!

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