Opportunity Description:

Farm Fresh Cupcakes is a small business in St. Louis, Missouri that creates cupcakes using local, seasonal and natural ingredients. Cupcakes are currently sold at two farmer’s markets – Tower Grove and Webster Groves – and is in the process of creating wholesale accounts at various restaurants and shops throughout the St. Louis area. Currently, cupcakes are baked at the St. Patrick Center’s BEGIN New Venture Center (a small business incubator) in downtown St. Louis. I want to open my own retail bakery where I can sell cupcakes seven days a week, along with pies, popsicles, cake balls and other baked goods, along with local soft drinks and coffee. The BEGIN center is a wonderful opportunity and I’m so happy that I was selected to participate in the center, but I would love to have my own space where I can experiment and work on new recipes on my own time and in my own space. I also love the idea of having a store where people can come pick up special orders easily, since right now they venture downtown (unfortunately, an area that some customers are not comfortable with) or they have to elbow their way through farmer’s markets.

Success Factors:

For only being available to the public two days a week (and having only been going for about two months!) Farm Fresh Cupcakes is relatively successful. Many market-goers stop for cupcakes in between buying their produce and artisan items. People seem genuinely interested in the fact that I use as many local ingredients as possible. I try to have a small carbon footprint and recycle and compost as much as possible. More and more, the public is becoming aware of eating local and recycling and taking care of the earth – and Farm Fresh Cupcakes is extremely responsible in that regard. Also, the cupcakes? They’re delicious! And I don’t use any artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals in my baking.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

When I signed my contract with the BEGIN New Venture Center, I agreed that if I was ever able to hire help for the business, I would consider hiring clients from the St. Patrick’s Center (recovering addicts/homeless peoples). So I would love to take advantage of that program and help a few people get their lives back on track.

I also plan on making charitable contributions of cupcakes/baked goods to charities in the St. Louis area. Once I have enough business, I’m planning on allotting a certain amount of cupcakes per month to various charities. They could be auctioned off or provided as a snack; the possibilities are endless!

I would also love to have one day a month where proceeds of the day’s sales go to a specific charity – an inner-city school or a homeless shelter or an environmental organization.


Free cupcakes!  (We’ll update this page on specific amounts)



  1. I like the idea. Is there a website?

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