Opportunity Description:

There is currently a large degree of difficulty in providing an inspection service to facilities that are difficult to access, such as road bridges, wind turbines, heavy duty power lines, cellular towers, etc that all require periodic inspection.  Often, a visual inspection is all that is required but demands a high level of planning, equipment rental and placing people in dangerous situations.

The ICARUS UAV is a simple and cost effective solution for this problem by providing a System that is capable of performing visual inspection on an easily controllable platform that can reach any position, any angle and at low to high altitudes.

Success Factors:

FAST Robotics will be successful by selling the ICARUS UAV through field and internal sales, training Users on operation of the ICARUS UAV and through support agreements with customers.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

FAST Robotics will directly give back to the St. Louis community by providing a needed service to the civil sector, law enforcement agencies and news agencies.  Additionally, as a strong technical company we will provide employment in the area for highly skilled individuals to help continue to give back to the loyal citizens of the St. Louis metropolitan area.

For More Information:

More information on our Autonomous Quad-Rotor Tilt-Capable Co-Axial Helicopter can be found on our web site.

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