Opportunity Description:

Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL.  We are a company that provides speed, power and agility training for the inner city or urban child. NEXT LEVEL SPORTS ACADEMY offers training in a positive, safe, and professional environment.  We are gearing our program towards the athlete that wants to take his or her talents to new heights.  This program reaches out to children that need to improve their level of athleticism, nutrition and wellness.  We feel as though the inner city athlete/child doesn’t have the services they need to compete with the kids in the private high schools and county public high schools.  Every year we see kids that have all of the potential/talent in the world and in some way they fall short.  We think we can harness their gifts as athletes and get them on track and to the NEXT LEVEL.  We will be committed to better serve our clients by adding new programs and features, and supplementing our current programs to ensure that we are always offering our clients the best of what’s available in the sports performance, health and fitness industries.

Success Factors:

This program can be very successful because of the passion, motivation and love we have for education and athletics.  There is no program like this in the city and we feel as though we can get kids motivated to take a personal interest in their future.  In todays world obesity, diabetes and heart disease are at an all time high and we think we can turn those numbers around with our program.  Maybe you’re an awesome athlete getting ready to compete at the college level. Maybe you’re an athlete who wants to make varsity next year. Maybe you don’t want to compete in athletics at all, but want to be stronger and faster. At the NEXT LEVEL SPORTS ACADEMY we can get you in the game.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

Everything we do will be geared towards helping the community.  We will be reaching out to the urban community and leveling the playing field with the programs that are already in place in the county.  We will keep kids off the streets, they will learn the benefits of eating healthy and working out and ultimately changing the culture of our urban community.  We want to see our youth and young adults setting goals and following through on them and we can help.

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