Opportunity Description:

Southwest Diner: A taste of the Southwest on Southwest.

Southwest Diner will be the first restaurant of its kind in St. Louis.Serving breakfast and lunch 7 days-a-week, Southwest Diner will offer an experience of down home New Mexican cooking and the classic diner.

In New Mexico, the Hatch chile pepper is king and its royal offspring is chile- a sauce, red or green, that goes on just about everything. Southwest Diner has been serving their own homemade chile for the past year and will get St. Louis hooked even further when they try it in their  egg dishes, breakfast tacos and burritos, hamburgers, chiles rellenos, enchiladas and more.

The plans are drawn, the building is purchased and now Southwest Diner needs your help in getting off of the ground. They are asking for $5,000 and any amount will help them get the kitchen built and those doors open.

Success Factors:

Four factors ensure the success of Southwest Diner: location, the unique dining experience, strong branding and growing pre-opening buzz.

The location of Southwest Diner will be perhaps the greatest factor in its success versus its competitors. Light industrial patrons from the neighborhood will now have a lunch option within walking distance (saving them gas money and time).

Southwest Diner will be located on a major thoroughfare, connecting the inner ring suburbs to Highway 44/South City. Southwest Diner is also very easy to reach by car from Clayton, Dogtown, Maplewood, U-City and South St. Louis City. Once patrons reach Southwest Diner, there is ample street parking as well as a private lot.

Southwest Diner will be far from a prototypical diner in St. Louis, offering a unique dining experience.  The Southwestern influenced menu items  and decor further differentiate Southwest Diner from other establishments. Essential trademarks of a “diner” will still be present to provide familiarity and comfort to the dining public. These include a courtesy counter, efficient service and proven menu items i.e. burgers, egg dishes, pancakes, milkshakes, pies.

The Southwest Diner brand has been established and continues to become stronger. The owners have worked under the Southwest Diner brand at the weekly Tower Grove Farmers Market and Sauce Magazine’s monthly Food Truck Fridays event.

Working these locations as Southwest Diner, serving foods that will be on the diner’s menu, the two owners have met and served thousands of customers- many who have expressed excitement about the opening of Southwest Diner.

Sales at Tower Grove Farmers market have doubled over last years’ numbers. The owners attribute this to better branding,  and repeat business from loyal customers week-to-week.  The implementation of the Southwest Diner brand has lead to the collection of Twitter and Facebook followers.  The numbers keep rising and the buzz keeps growing.

The press has already begun writing about Southwest Diner.  In June of this year Sauce Magazine in St. Louis did a write up about Southwest’s opening.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

Southwest Diner will create local jobs that will stay here as long as we are in business. Plus, Southwest Diner will provide healthy options with a focus on using local and seasonal ingredients when possible i.e. meat, eggs and produce, keeping even more revenues in the City and surrounding area.

The owners of Southwest Diner are committed to providing space to local non-profit and outreach organizations at free or subsidized rates. Relationships are already established with several local organizations that, for example, serve mentally disabled and immigrant populations.



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