Opportunity Description:

The Room Rake is an indoor rake for gathering and organizing clutter in your home. Stylish, functional and good for your back.

Why did you create it?

It’s hard to pick up clutter. It hurts your back, and it can be time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that gathers this clutter into a pile so you can organize it with less effort and strain?

How does it work?

The room rake is a stylish indoor rake with rounded knobs that won’t damage your indoor flooring: carpet, wood, tile, or other surface. ( See wooden prototype I built ). Real product would be plastic/metal…with different rake attachments for different types of clutter.

We have a provisional patent for the Room Rake.


How We Will Use the Funding:

  1. Build prototypes
  2. Incorporate and define logos and trademarks
  3. Develop marketing material for retailers and vendors
  4. Demonstrate the Room Rake at consumer products shows and displays


Success Factors:

Clutter is a problem in many people’s homes. Picking it up can be difficult and straining. The Room Rake allows you to assemble it in a pile and then organize it in less time than wandering around the room to bend over and pick up each item and put it back.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

Sponsor Running, Cycling, and Triathlon events.

For More Information:

See our Web site for more information on The Room Rake.

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