Opportunity Description:

The Sweet Living Group, LLC is a newly formed eco-fashion and organic retail and wholesale company that have been operational for 6 months. The Company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and operates as an online retailer and wholesaler. The Sweet Living Group promotes and sells organic and eco-friendly apparel products and household goods. The Company began operations by selling men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing under The Sweet Living Group’s My Sweet Life trademarked brand. The Company also sells maternity clothing, junior’s clothing, children’s clothing, baby clothing, hats, and a My Sweet Life home collection. The Sweet Living Group was founded on the guiding principle of environmental stewardship. The Company is dedicated to helping to save the planet by supporting long-term sustainability through its clothing, and will underscore this commitment throughout its operations.

The Sweet Living Group will operate with an aggressive expansion plan once funded, and will increase its product line to include trademarked ECO UV™ clothing, in addition to bamboo sheets and towels, exercise clothing, pet supplies, and a wider range of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. ECO UV™ is a unique composition of environmentally-friendly and/or organic materials, combined with the Company’s proprietary inorganic ultraviolet (UV) treatment, to create ECO UV™. In addition, the Sweet Living Group predicts that ECO UV™ licensing will have the largest growth over the long term. The Sweet Living Group is committed to providing its customers with the very best in eco-friendly and organic products and services, and will operate with an overall mission of promoting items and products that emphasize the overall wellbeing of the planet.

Success Factors:

The Sweet Living Group will use a direct sales approach and a variety of advertising channels to increase its exposure among prospective customers. The Company has contracted with marketing firm to coordinate and implement its marketing campaigns. Networking, E-mail, Internet, Pay-per-Click, Google AdWords, Tags, link and keyword building, banner ads, and SEO, Viral, Print, Coupons will engage in a nationwide marketing campaign.

My Sweet Life’s ECO UV™ is unique sub-brand of organic and eco-friendly clothing offering UV protection and 50 UPF rating. Future apparel branded as My Sweet Life will incorporate ECO UV™ technology.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

Once established My Sweet Life will be teaming up with multiple charities and donating 5% of sales to those. In addition, My Sweet Life will be sponsoring local events and donating product.


Of course!  When we reach full funding, we will give anyone that donated $35 or more the choice of any free shirt from our web site or a tire cover.  And for those that donate $100 or more, we will give them a free shirt and hat from our web site!


For More Information:

Visit our Web site at Mysweetlife.com

For even more information read our Blog



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