Opportunity Description:

Three years ago i started a small venture, an underground restaurant. It was essentially a roving dinner party, where the location was always a secret. During that time i have not only deepened my passion for food, but i have launched a catering business – i realized that doing the underground was almost the same as catering, so why not do that. We are now in the process of really establishing our events business. This past month represented the busiest time in our short history. We do weddings, corporate events, small private dinners, etc. The food we prepare is primarily local food, and if it isn’t local then we purchase only from vendors that sell sustainable (and often organic) produce and livestock.

We specialize in communal dining Рlong tables where everyone seats together, and mult-course themed meals. We are currently trying to move into our own kitchen/event space as well as trying to purchase a 28ft long catering trailer. With these in place we will finally be positioned to make a real dent in the catering/food scene in St. Louis. However, we need help in realizing these next steps.

Success Factors:

To this date, we have been successful, but we have a long way to go before we are truly where i want to be and where we should be.

Three years ago i sent an email to 5 people about the first dinner i was planning, as of today our email list numbers over 2,300 people. We were recently listed as one of Feast Magazines 50 favorite things about St. Louis. and we have been in countless local and national publications.

We offer something utterly unique in the St. Louis food/catering scene. We prepare food on site, rather than bring plates of hot boxed food. Our menus are unique and creative and we are dedicated to using as much locally produced and grown items as possible.

HowWe Give Back to the Community:

We have partnered numerous times with non-profits here in the St. Louis area; hosting dinners and fundraisers.

In addition to that i am dedicated to supporting small local producers. Even though i am not a huge business my desire to support growers that are local keeps much needed dollars in the community, and helps to provide sustainability for them – as well as for me.

And lastly, as a young and growing business we offer employment to people in the community that might not otherwise have opportunities. For instance, our dishwasher is a young man who was hit by a drunk driver a few years back. He has metal poles in his arms and legs and can’t hold a job because he has limitations. However, he can serve a very important purpose for us and it is a privilege to employ him.

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