Opportunity Description:

I would like to go into ran down communities and purchase propety from the city fix up the properties and provide housing for the following individuals: Homeless/fostered teens turning 18 who have been released, Indivduals who lost their home due to lost of job/forclosure and low income families.

Success Factors:

By purchasing the property from the city at a very low price this will allow room for low rental rates. The individuals all qualify for some sort of Government Assistance.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

This will bring the value of the current homes up, it will also eliminate the amount of violence and drug traffic that accrue in the neighbor hood due to vacant buildings were most drug sales take place. The neighborhood would be know for begin family orientate. Example: Most homeowners over 60 have seen their neighborhood go from good bad to worst by rebuilding the community you rebuild hope their will be no doubt in their mind that they have been forgotten.

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