Opportunity Description:

Green Bean will be designing, building and operating a fast-casual retail food operation serving specialty and design-your-own salads and wraps, located in the Central West End area of St. Louis, an area heavily populated and visited by students and employees of Washington University in St. Louis and St. Louis University, the medical centers associated with those institutions, and employees of businesses that are located around those institutions.

In addition to providing healthier options in St. Louis, our goal is to support local agriculture by purchasing the majority of our produce and food supplies from local farmers. Additionally, we plan to maintain a “green” environment by only using recycled and compostable supplies. The ultimate goal of green bean is to promote healthier eating habits while minimizing our environmental impact.

Success Factors:

In the past few years, there has been a nationwide shift towards maintaining healthy lifestyles through exercise and healthy food options. Many organic supermarkets have spread in communities throughout the United States and restaurants are starting to offer healthier choices for customers. The following business plan describes the need for and design of a new, fast casual establishment in the St. Louis, MO area. This establishment will differ from other fast-casual restaurants, as it will provide salads and salad wraps; a healthy alternative to other, already existing, fast-food choices. The customer will have the choice of selecting from the menu of prefixed salads or mixing their own custom salad to their liking. There are currently no restaurant with an identical mission and product, and we hope to stand out as a new and exciting concept in the midwest.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

Green Bean intends and hopes to be more than a restaurant in many ways. Of course, we will create jobs in the community, but we also hope to spread our mission and our ideals throughout the community in a very inclusive way. First, we hope to help encourage healthy eating and sustainable living, a concept that is new but rapidly growing in St. Louis. In addition, we hope to truly enter the community and become an integral and influential part of it. We plan to do this by holding events that go far beyond a typical restaurant. To encourage healthy activity, we plan to have free walks for those who do not like to exercise alone. We plan in the future to offer activities like free boot camps and yoga, and to sponsor other healthy activities in the city. We hope that our mission and our community outreach will help educate members of the community and encourage new ways of thinking and acting.


  1. When will you be opening? We heard about this restaurant while visiting Amherst College. When we told the students working in admissions they mentioned your restaurant but it looks like it is not open yet. Let me know.

    • Hi Betsy!

      We are open for business now! Hope you’ll come by for a salad or wrap.


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