Opportunity Description:

It’s a webshow combination of interviews with local mothers of multiples (triplets or higher) and a sitcom.  Each ep will have a theme. It will be both educational for moms and entertaining.  This funding will help me produce a pilot to present to potential advertisers.

Success Factors:

Although it will be aimed at mothers of multiples, it will be informative for all moms.  I am a mother of 4yr old triplets so I have hands on experience in the subject matter as well as connections to the many organizations, support groups and communities of parents of multiples in order to gain viewers. I will target advertising from companies that sell baby products as well as childrens products.

Give Back to the Community:

It will bring a steady ongoing production to the St. Louis area.  I am hoping to gain enough publicity and viewership to be able to bring other productions to St. Louis and make this a viable secondary market for Hollywood productions in order to give our local film/tv production people more jobs.

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