Opportunity Description:

I have been in the construction business for 7-1/2 years working with other construction companies and have extensive knowledge in this area. I am trying to get my company started but am having difficulty in getting some of the necessary tools needed such as:  a Dump trailer, an Enclosed tool trailer, a newer pickup (for professionalism appearance) to move trailers. I also looking to have my insurance upgraded. I would like to hire between 10-12 individuals to get the necessary crews going. I am mainly interested in a loan or grant-to be repaid when soluable- of no more than $15,000.00 but would only like this as a limit if needed. I am only purchasing one item as needed then will try to repay immediately if possible.

Success Factors:

I am patient in my planning as to not be too big too quickly, and only want to expand slowly with a crew or two only the first year and to expand slowly after I can keep these employed with no break in sight. If a backlog occurs then expand partially. I only want quality people that do quality work and are respectful to those around them. I try to make the worker happy through pay based on work completion time frames with quality as the finishing factor.

Give Back to the Community:

I plan on this through hiring poeple from the St. Louis metro area community to perform work in this same area. This helps to keep local money local, as well as improving the values of the local homes. If I can help in other ways then I will try to in any way that Fund St. Louis sees fit. Either through charitable donations or through working with Habitat for Humanity to build housing for the area homeless, buy supplying labor and available materials.

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