Opportunity Description:

I have a recording studio. I am a professional R&B singer from St. Louis, MO. I realize that most of our youth is influenced by this negative music of today. So what my studio does is teach kids how to write music, learn how to record properly, and at the end of every week, they have to write and record about what they learned throughout the week. But I’m not doing good and launching the studio because I don’t have the funds to fix up the building, get computers for the kids to research on, and things like that. So I beg you for your help. I have gotten everything jump started with my own money, but I just really need some additional help. Thank You.

Success Factors:

My business will still bring in and be open to regular artists, such as Nelly, Nikko Smith, (Ozzie Smith’s son), Aloha, (from American Idol) who are all good friends of mine, but artists like them would still pay a fee to record.

How We Plan To Use The Money We Raise:

The money would go straight to fixing the building and buying the equipment for the studio. Basically everything I need for the kids . Thank you. ¬†Please help me, I’m doing all this by myself. I really need help. Thank you again. ¬†Carl Brown.

If Successfully Funded We Offer Our Donors:

A great outcome with the business.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

By helping these kids stay off the streets, teaching them the good points of music, letting them know its not about guns, dope, & gangs!! Giving them a way out. And I will be partnering with local schools to try to do some after school type of program. Thank you

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