Opportunity Description:

MoPACE is a trade association forming to launch property assessed clean energy
funding (PACE) activities in Missouri. PACE is the 2010 legislated, revenue neutral,positive cash flow financing mechanism for commercial energy efficiency and alternative energy improvements for property owners.
MoPACE provides outreach, networking and branding for “best practice” practitioners.

Success Factors:

MoPACE, the association, helps standardize a new industry model, and provide access, visibility, network and connection opportunities for customers, service providers, and funding resources. It levels the field and reads the playbook to insure credibility for the marketplace, and helps motivate penetration.

How We Plan To Use The Money We Raise:

  1. Legal and accounting due diligence 25%
  2. Public outreach tools and activities 25%
  3. 2012 statewide PACE conference launch 50%

Balance of 2012 budget earned from sponsorships, memberships and conference attendance in May 2012

If Successfully Funded We Offer Our Donors:

  1. 25:1 “social benefit” rate of return:
  2. $200,000 association stewards $5,000,000 in energy improvements (EE) by second year, and growing.
  3. Buy-in by stakeholders accomplished in 2011.
  4. Enabling funding legislation passed in 2010.

In these post rebate/credit years, this is a novel revenue neutral, positive cash flow EE funding vehicle that is our best promise for exciting the market.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

Energy load reductions in the hundreds of thousands of M Btus by second year, carbon reduction 1st year, next coal fired plant obsolete by 5th year.  This will also serve as a practical guide for residential PACE in 2014.

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