Opportunity Description:

S.H.E.R.A.H. Innerprises is a business in the St. Louis area that originated from a women’s empowerment organization entitled S.H.E.R.A.H. (Sisters Helping Each other Reach A Higher Height). S.H.E.R.A.H.’s mission is to empower ourselves as women to assist in the rebuilding of our community. We originally started offering sister circles, healing tea parties, pampering parties, youth programs and more.

Throughout our seven year run in the St. Louis area we were confronted with the same issues. Women lacked adequate resources needed to sustain themselves and their families. We also noticed how creative and talented these women were. In an effort to provide viable opportunities for these women, S.H.E.R.A.H. Innerprises was formed.

S.H.E.R.A.H. Innerprises is a global business that will produce healing teas, soaps, body butters, cultural jewelry, empowerment workbooks and journals. We will also create healing retreats and empowerment circles. We currently have a television show that is a platform for women to express their ideas, businesses and community work. S.H.E.R.A.H. TV will continue to be a reliable platform for women to share and grow.

Aside from the body products, workbooks and retreats, we also host an Annual “From Sisters to Goddesses Conference” that exists to provide a scholarship to a female high school senior from North St. Louis. The conference also provides the women with information needed to become entrepreneurs, better wives, mothers and advocates of the community.

S.H.E.RA.H. Innerprises seeks support from Fund St. Louis to help with start-up cost for S.H.E.R.A.H. Tea. The tea will be designed to help build the immune system and provide womb support to women.

Success Factors:

S.H.E.R.A.H. Innerprises will be successful because we have been in the community for the past seven years servicing women through a very grassroots movement. With support and funding from supporters of Fund St. Louis, we can establish ourselves as a permanent entity in the St. Louis area and provide jobs for the women who seek and qualify. Women all over the world are becoming more intuned with the innate abilities to lead, heal and transform and many are realizing that the change begins with self. S.H.E.R.A.H. Innerprises will offer a plethora of products and events that will help them in their transitions. Through the empowerment of women, we stand to have happier family structures which will result in healthier communities.

The S.H.E.R.A.H. tea will be a success because not only will it be tasty it will provide a number of health benefits and we plan to work with some of the best marketing companies in the city.

How We Plan To Use The Money We Raise:

S.H.E.R.A.H. Innerprises will use the money to develop, produce and market our new S.H.E.R.A.H. Tea.

If Successfully Funded We Offer Our Donors:

$1 – $20

  • A personally signed thank you card
  • A free subscription to S.H.E.R.A.H. MAG

$21 – $50

  • All of the Above
  • A S.H.E.R.A.H. tote bag

$51- $75

  • All of the Above
  • Two tickets to the next S.H.E.R.A.H. event

$76- $100

  • All of the above
  • A piece of one of a kind cultural jewelry designed by a S.H.E.R.A.H. member

$101- $250

  • All of the above
  • Box of S.H.E.R.A.H. Tea

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

S.H.E.R.A.H. will give back to the community by using yearly proceeds from the Tea toward the scholarship that is given to female high school seniors in the North St. Louis community at our annual “From Sisters to Goddesses Conference.”

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