Opportunity Description:

Sugar Ink specializes in decorative homemade sugar cookies & edible images customized for every special occasion! Every cookie is fresh baked with the best ingredients and decorated with royal icing. Cookies can be decorated also with an edible logo for a unique corportate gift! I am trying to open a retail location at the Meadows in Lake St Louis. This outside mall in St. Charles County doesn’t have a place to grab a snack, beverage or a place to relax. Sugar Ink at the Meadows will offer sweets, treats, gelato and a variety of beverages. In order for me to keep my lease down to a reasonable rate, I have to do the buildout and the start up costs are very expensive. I am seeking funds to help with the costs to open my retail store.

Success Factors:

The location I will open my business is The Meadows at Lake St Louis. Currently, there is no store in the mall offering sweets, treats, gelato and beverages. There isn’t even a store to just relax for a moment in between shopping. This is a huge advantage for my business! I have no competition and the employees of the mall are wanting my business! I have interview many store/mall employees and they are begging me to open. Also, there are many major corporations in the area and I believe my logo cookies will be a huge hit for corporate gifts. Sugar Ink will also be successful because I am passionate about my cookies, take pride in my work and deliver outstanding customer service. Being in retail and management for over twenty years, I have tons of experience.

How We Plan To Use The Money We Raise:

My start up costs associated with build out for the space and also to purchase appliances/equipment for the business.

If Successfully Funded We Offer Our Donors:

I can offer 50% discounts to donors or gift cards for future purchases.

How We Will Give Back to the Community:

I would like to work with the school district to hire troubled teens or teenage moms. Because I will be a small business, I can work around their schedule and be a mentor to them. I was a teenage mom myself and I always worked hard to support my son. I believe I can help teenagers by teaching them a great work ethic so they do not depend on the government for assistance. I would also like to donate any food that has not been sold to a food pantry at the end of the week. Thank you!

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