Fund St. Louis

Interested In Funding An Opportunity?

That’s awesome!  We’re excited you want to help!

We are currently working out the details on how to best protect everyone involved in a transaction like this.  The model we have in place is that those that want to fund an Opportunity would have an account with Fund St. Louis (called the “Funding Seeds” program) and their donations can then be used as virtual currency on the site.  They can then fund Opportunities in any amount from their account with Fund St. Louis.  You would be allowed to fund as many projects as you have money in your account.  This will be a safe and secure way of backing an opportunity. See the terms of use for more information on the Funding Seeds program.

We are also currently working on 501(c)3 status for tax exempt donations.  Some of our proposed opportunities are also created by 501(c)3 organizations and may also be tax exempt.  So we will update through this site when we are approved by the IRS and we will highlight opportunities that are 501(c)3 tax-exempt as well.

Please purchase funding seedsif you would like to donate to Fund St. Louis or to back an opportunity you see on this site.