What are we up to now?

We are continually working to make this site better, and as a result easier to create and fund Opportunities in the St. Louis region.  As we create and update, we will update our progress on this page.  Be sure to check back as we’re always getting better!

July 2011

    1. Innovate St. Louis (IVMS)
    2. Openly Disruptive
    3. SCORE
    4. Go! Network
    5. Grace Hill Women’s Business Center
    6. St. Louis Regional Entrepreneurs Educators
    7. St. Louis area economic development centers
  • Received our first donations
  • Are in the process of changing PayPal out.  They have decided they want every entrepreneur that signs up in Fund St. Louis to have a verified account with PayPal as well for Fund St. Louis to have an active account.  This was too much burden to put on our entrepreneurs, so we are currently looking to implement a Google Checkout solution ASAP.
  • We have now successfully implemented Google Checkout.  We are a verified merchant and can now accept all payments through the Google platform.  In addition, once our 501(c)3 status is complete, Google will charge a much lower percentage for transaction fees, giving us more money to pass along to our entrepreneurs.


May 2011

  • Site is launched!
  • Fund St. Louis is announced at the CSPRC Spectrum conference.  Download a copy of our one pager here.
  • We’ve begun working on partnerships.  Stay tuned!
  • Added a section to highlight University entrepreneurial activity
  • Integrated PayPal for online donations

In addition, if there is something you’d like so see here, or a suggestion you think would make the site better, please let us know!

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