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Purchasing Funding Seeds is how we fund the opportunities here on the Fund St. Louis web site.  For more information on Funding Seeds you can read the Terms of Use. As a reminder of the Guidelines set forth on this site, if the Opportunity successfully reaches its funding goal, your funding seeds will be allocated to the Opportunity owner at the end of their funding period.  If the Opportunity is not successfully funded, your Funding Seeds will be placed into your Fund St. Louis account to be used for a future Opportunity of your choosing.  That could be this Opportunity if they submit again, or another great Fund  STL project that you think is important enough for your Funding Seeds.

We are still in the development phase of Fund St. Louis, but have been extremely fortunate to have great Opportunities already submitted and people like you willing to fund them!  In these first weeks before we have full eCommerce capabilities, please fill out the following form to associate your donation properly to the Opportunity you’ve chosen.

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