St. Louis has more success stories than you think!

There are so many entrepreneurs, successful small businesses, and other innovation and buzz-worthy activity in St. Louis that it’s hard to believe we sometimes struggle as a region.  But the truth is that we do.  At Fund St. Louis, we believe that one factor is simply communicating our success and trumpeting that to the region, the nation, and the world.  We need to collaborate across the vast spectrum of resources available and put a collective voice behind that activity.

We’d like to share in that responsibility.  We’d like to use our resources to push the message.  We want this site to be a site others can use to showcase the great things going on in St. Louis.  Want to lure a large employer to St. Louis?  Questions about the population and the quality of talent to pull from?  Look at the smart things going on right here!  Point them to the businesses looking for funding.  Or…point them to the success stories already fully operational.

So to that extent, we’d like to ask you to send us stories of great start-up success.  Send us stories of entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, and other “starters” out there that have already made a difference.  We want to showcase that talent to get the ball rolling here at Fund St. Louis!  Let’s show everyone just how rich of a history we have in creating some of the best and innovative ideas out there today!


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