What is Crowdfunding?

What is Community Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a non-equity investment in emerging companies.  It is based on micro-finance and is a new way to support entrepreneurs and those with great ideas.  Community crowdfunding, then, bolsters the community and helps change the culture to one of support and understanding of small business as opposed to fearing the [...]

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Featured Opportunity

Opportunity Description: Cards2Lists is a business cards scanning and conversion service that helps business take those bundles of business cards next to their phone and get them into their selling system. The funds needed will be used to build out the platform that manages all aspects of operations that include integrating the shopping carts with [...]

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St. Louis Success

St. Louis has more success stories than you think! There are so many entrepreneurs, successful small businesses, and other innovation and buzz-worthy activity in St. Louis that it’s hard to believe we sometimes struggle as a region.  But the truth is that we do.  At Fund St. Louis, we believe that one factor is simply [...]

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